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Connect with friends and Power Decentralized Blockchains for a purpose.

Connect is a decentralized peer to peer community and social platform. Connect offers all individual adults a simplified access to Blockchain technologies through the Connect Smart App.

Through Connect, you'll have a single, simple, and secure login to access all blockchains with a purpose supported by Connect. Within Connect, you can view and track your favorite Blockchains, send and receive digital rewards and share Connect with others.

With Connect, you own your private keys to each supported Blockchain through the Connect Smart App which gives you the liberty and freedom that every individual on the planet deserves to have. You no longer have to be an expert software engineer to access the Blockchain. Join Connect TODAY to easily help power decentralized Blockchains with a purpose!

What is Connect?

A digital app for you to securely store, share, send, and receive digital rewards. Connect Blockchain is not an investment of any kind. Any person may participate in the Connect Blockchain with a personal computer, software and digital apps. 


What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is disruptive technology that secures and distributes data across open networks.

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Smart Node vs Node

A Smart Node makes it simple to support blockchain projects and maximize earning rewards

A Node is a fraction of a Smart Node and is an easy way to get started earning rewards. A Node is a limited Smart Node license.

You can run up to 100 Nodes on 1 VPS or device.


What is a Smart Contract?

A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. Read More


Decentralized vs Centralized

Decentralized is the transfer of control of an activity or organization to several authorities rather than one single one. Read More

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