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Log into your Connect United account with your credentials.


Click on the Connect United Emoji on the top left hand side. Click on account.


Scroll down to wallet set up. Begin the process to setting up your wallet .


Remember to write down your encryption password & 12-word recovery phrase for EACH individual blockchain. Make sure the login & the encryption password are DIFFERENT! NEVER give anyone your ENCRYPTION password. That is equivalent to giving out your checking account number. If you lose or misplace your ENCRYPTION password you will NEVER be able to withdraw from that particular blockchain. 

Writing in Notepad
  • Do not screenshot, do not print & do not make printed copies of it.

  • Only make copies written by hand.

  • Secure this information at home, in a safety deposit box etc.

  • It is recommended that you laminate these sheets.

  • Do not login to your “wallet” in public places. Do not login to your “wallet” over public WiFi. Ensure that home WiFi is secure before logging into wallet.

  • Login to your wallet when no one is nearby.

  • Be careful using your mobile device around your paperwork because of the internal/external camera.



Writing in Notepad


You will need to duplicate this process for each individual blockchain because each one will need its own individual wallet set up in order to receive the individual coins.


Ex: If you purchase Switch, you will need to set up a Switch wallet to receive coins. If you purchase Element, you will need to set up an Element wallet. If you purchase Galvan, then in order to receive Galvan coins you will need to set up a Galvan wallet.

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