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Depending on what type of smart or lite node you buy, you need to make sure the node's brand account is linked within your Connect United account. See below the list of brand accounts that you must create a login for when buying that particular node. PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE YOUR PROTON EMAIL FOR ACCOUNT CREATION! 


Create a different password for each account that you set up and DO NOT use the same password when creating an Encryption Password for each account.



1.  Log into your Connect United account using

2. Click on your initials in the right hand corner..

3. Scroll down to Account Settings, then click Link Accounts.

4. Click on LINK ACCOUNT located under your purchased node brand.

5. Log in to your newly created node brand account. 

6. Click LINK ACCOUNT. Enter in your credentials to link account.

7. Your Unlinked Account should move to your Linked Account category.

Things To Remember


Whenever a software purchase is made, immediately go to the website of that software product to create an account and set up a wallet. You will need this in order to link your account to Connect in the Connect Back Office. See website list here.


Do not purchase software from the actual platform where it is being sold. Always log into your Connect Account and purchase your software from there. Why? Because there are reward benefits that you will not receive from the software’s website.


Make statement 2 clear to anyone you may sign up. Why? Because if they purchase software from the website of that particular product, you will not receive a commission (at this time) because it will not show up in your “See My Team” list of products purchased by your 1st and 2nd lines.

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