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1.  Log into your Connect United account.

2. Click 'Buy Nodes' at the top of the page.

3.  Select your product of choice and update your quantity. 

4. Your Node Agreement will appear. You have 30 minutes to click the check boxes, initial and sign the form. 

5. Click 'Agree & Continue' at the bottom of the Agreement page.

6. Select Payment by clicking on USDT to see all options to pay for your Node. Select option. Then click on an option under “I would like to pay with:”

7. SUBMIT PAYMENT. You are all done! Check your email for your Connect Order Receipt!

8. Click 'View Nodes' on the order status page to see your node summary.

9. Turn your smart or lite node on using Node Engine! Click here for set up instructions.

It may take a few hours before you see your newly purchased node showing online. To check status, click the 'View Nodes' on your order status page or 'My Nodes' under your 'My Connect' tab in Connect United.

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