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Getting Started With Connect!

Vultr Set Up

1. Log in to Vultr or create an account

2. Create a VPS instance by clicking the plus icon on the top right

3. Select Cloud Compute

4. Select Regular Performance

5. Select the region closest to your location

6. Select Debian 11 x64

7. Select the 25 GB SSD priced at $5/month

8. Turn off "Enable Auto Backups"

9. Can keep the "Additional Features" the same

10. Under Server Hostname & Label you will want to name your server. The Hostname will be the same for all

VPS setups you complete, and the Label Name will be the name for that specific Server. For example: Hostname: GreenNodeServer Label Name: GreenNode1

11. Click Deploy Now

12. Wait for the installation to finish (this may take a few minutes)

Node Installation:

1. Once the installation has finished and the status says Running, click on the name of the server.

2. Copy the password by clicking the clipboard icon, to the right of the password.

3. Click on the computer screen icon, on the right side of the page. This will open a new window that you will use to complete the setup.

4. In the console window, type the word “root” and click ENTER.


5. Click the toolbar icon on the left side of the window.

6. With the toolbar expanded, click the clipboard icon.

7. Click in the text area, and paste (Mac: ⌘ + V, Windows: Ctrl + V) the password in the text box.

8. Click Paste.

9. Hide the toolbar by clicking the toolbar button.

10. Click ENTER, to submit the password.

11. Select the command listed below for the node brand you are setting up, and copy and paste it into the

clipboard text box, then click Paste.

bash <(wget -qO-

bash <(wget -qO-


bash <(wget -qO-


bash <(wget -qO-


bash <(wget -qO-


Element: Not Available Yet


Give: Not Available Yet


Pixll: Not Available Yet

12. Hide the toolbar by clicking the toolbar button.

13. Click ENTER to submit the above, pasted command.

14. For username, type the email to your brand account, click ENTER.

15. For password, type the password to your brand account and click ENTER.

16. For node name, type whatever you'd like and click ENTER.

Repeat this process once for each Smart Node.  Repeat this process once per 100 Lite Nodes.

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