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Getting Started With Connect!

Vultr Limit Increase Instructions

  1. Company Name: Connect United

  2. Company URL: Put in the individuals share link here

  3. What category best describes your business? Cryptocurrency

  4. What is the size of your business organization? Small Business (1-50 people)

  5. Describe the service(s) you are running with your Vultr account. I purchased nodes from Connect United and I would like to request for additional servers to be added to my account so I can run all of my nodes in one place. I will need to run Cloud Compute & most of my nodes will either be Debian. I would like my amount of instances to be increased. I plan to purchase more nodes as soon as my increase has been granted.

  6. By typing your full name, you acknowledge that the above information is complete and accurate to the best of your ability. Ex. Jane Doe

  7. Please list your requested limits. In order to expedite this process, please be as descriptive as possible in your use cases. ​​New Instance Limit: 10 & New Instance Cost Limit (Monthly): 500

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